Thursday, 29 March 2012

March Favourites!

I'm really glad that March is coming to a close. The months between my birthday and summer vacation  are pure torture. Anyways, here are a few things I've been loving this past month!

The majority of my favourites this time around are skin and body related so I guess I'll start with them. For Christmas and my birthday, my aunt gave me two Tokyo Milk soaps. I finally finished my first chunk of The Godmother and instead of reaching for Honey I Washed the Kids I chose to try out one of my new soaps.

I really love this brand not only because their packaging is adorable, but their fragrances are amazing. I think they carry more floral and creamy scents, as I have yet to find a product of theirs to smell citrus-y or sweet.

I was very surprised to see how big of a chunk of soap it was as soon as I unwrapped it. It doesn't even fit in my little soap dish! This particular soap is their "white linden french soap" and the fragrance type is No. 14 Minuet. I'm not particularly sure what that means, but it smells very light and florally.

I found Tokyo Milk in Chapters' housing area, though I'm sure you can check their website for other retailers.

My next favourite is a combination of products. I've started to keep The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter and Lush's Honey Trap lip balm on my bedside table to use before I go to bed and when I wake up. I don't like to keep them in my backpack or purse because they're potted products and I feel it's a little unsanitary to use while I'm out and about. These are both super moisturizing and the body butter smells delicious.

I purchased Soap & Glory's Scrub, Actually in August in order to take care of a peeling sunburn and have just started to run out recently. That's why I love this brand so much: they're products are on the more expensive side, but in the end you really get what you paid for. 

My skin tends to get dry as the seasons change from one to another, not so much during the winter. I no longer have a sunburn, so I took to using this scrub on my face two to three times a week. It has chunks of ocean salt that exfoliate really well. It does say it's a body scrub, so I would stay away if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a facial scrub. Soap & Glory do a bunch of other scrubs so when I run out of this one, I intend to try a different one out of curiosity.

I've talked about this shampoo enough, but had to include it. Long story short: its great for oily hair but if you use it too frequently it can leave you with dry ends. WARNING: If you do happen to purchase this product, do everything in your power to avoid getting it in your eyes. It has a ton of real fruit juices (such as pineapple) that sting like crazy!

On to my only beauty product this month. And of course, it's another combination from my Naked Palette! This whole month I've been sporting a Marilyn Monroe inspired look; Virgin all over the lid with a mixture of Naked and Buck in the crease.

I've also been experimenting with winged eyeliner (to complete the Marilyn vibe). And yes, to achieve this wing I used the Maybelline liquid eyeliner that I despise so much. I just want to use it all up before I think of buying another one so I don't have two dried up liquid eyeliners at the same time. 

Last but not least, I have a favourite book for this month. Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi first caught my eye at the beginning of the month because of it's beautiful cover art (and name, since I have an obsession with foxes). 

I had to put it on hold to re-read The Hunger Games in time for the movie, and ended up re-reading the whole series over out of habit. (P.s I really liked the movie. They inevitably had to change a few things in order for it to be comprehensible without the knowledge of the books, but otherwise I found it to be a great book-to-film adaptation.)

I'm really bad at describing book plots and why I like them, so I'll leave you with the blurb to give you the gist of the novel:

     Fairy-tale romances end with a wedding. The fairy tales that don't get more complicated, that is. In this book, the celebrated writer Mr. Fox can't stop himself from killing off the heroines of his novels, and neither can his wife, Daphne. It's not until Mary, his muse, comes to life and transforms him from author into subject that his story begins to unfold differently.
     Mary Challenges Mr. Fox to join her in stories of their own devising, and so, through different times and places, the two of them seek each other, find each other, thwart each other, and try to stay together even when the roles they inhabit seem to forbid it. Their adventures twist the fairy tale into nine variations, exploding and teasing conventions of genre and romance, each iteration exploring the fear that come with accepting a lifelong bond. Meanwhile, Daphne becomes convinced that her husband is having an affair, and finds her way into Mary and Mr. Fox's games. And so Mr. Fox is offered a choice: Will it be a life with the girl of his dreams, or a life with an all-too-real woman who delights him more than he cares to admit?
     The extraordinarily gifted Helen Oyeyemi has written a love story like no other. Mr. Fox is a magical book, endlessly inventive, and as witty and charming as it is profound in its truths about how we learn to be with one another.

What are your favourites this month?

- Tess

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