Friday, 29 June 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

As someone who lives in Canada, I'm not really in the prime location to purchase asian-made BB creams and I'm a little scared to order one online, so I've kind of settled for Maybelline's new Dream Fresh BB Cream. I didn't have a lot of faith in this product when I first bought it because the testers were very watery (and I had assumed that asian BB creams are very thick and creamy) but I needed a foundation with SPF because my Clinique Stay Matte foundation has none at all.

I purchased the fairest shade, but you wouldn't know when I apply it to my skin. IT'S COMPLETELY SHEER. I've tried layering it a few times but nothing does the trick. Though since it has SPF 30, I've taken to using it as a primer underneath my Clinique foundation.

Above is a swatch of the BB cream, and as you can see it does offer a bit of colour, but no coverage. If you have problem skin or are looking to even out your skin tone I would not recommend this for you.

It claims to have 8 benefits for your skin, but I have yet to see any changes with the look/feel of my skin. If you're looking for a sheer foundation that offers sun protection for the upcoming warmer months, I recommend this for you. Otherwise, please don't waste your money!

- Tess

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  1. thats too bad that you haven't seen any changes yet, hope you will soon! but ya its always a must to have sun protection esp in summer!