Monday, 23 January 2012

Product Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Now, I know that you're thinking "Tess, I've already read fifty reviews on these products." But I've decided to review these to test out posting on my blog!

As you may know, the Revlon Lip Butters are extremely popular and have even sold out at some locations, so when these first popped up at my local Rexall early December, I had to snatch them up! I got three of them (and gave one to a friend) when Rexall had a BOGO sale on all their lip products, and the other two while I was on vacation in Quebec this past winter break.

From left to right: Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Creme Brulee

All of the Lip Butters are named after different desserts and candies, and even have a pleasant scent, which I assume matches their names. Their packaging is also adorable, as it is reminiscent of the classic Chanel quilted design.
The formulation of these products is beautiful. They're all extremely creamy and range from opaque to sheer finishes. Some of the shades do have glitter, which you may want to avoid if you don't like your lips to feel a little grainy. 

Here are some swatches of the colours I picked up! (I'm working on the lighting)

From left to right: Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Creme Brulee
First off is Red Velvet. I love this colour because it's not only a beautiful red, it also has darker orangey-brown undertones, making it great for winter. 

Berry Smoothie is in fact a berry colour with gold micro-glitter. It's a pretty shade, and you should definitely pick it up if you want to enhance your natural lip colour.

I really wanted a baby pink to add to my collection, so in the store I was debating between getting Strawberry Shortcake or Cotton Candy. In the end I chose Strawberry Shortcake because it was a warmer pink with orange and red undertones, whereas Cotton Candy was a lot paler and had blue undertones. If you want a super Barbie pink, pick up Cotton Candy. But if you want a more natural pink (if that's even possible) Strawberry Shortcake is the way to go!

Now, this one's my favourite out of all five: Peach Parfait. This really is a my-lips-but-better lip product, minus the gold glitter. I love wearing this when I want an outfit to look more polished, and I feel it could look stunning on all skin tones because of it's sheer but build-able formula.

Finally, my least favourite colour, Creme Brulee. I don't know why I didn't learn my lesson after purchasing Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude. Both nudes are very orange and don't compliment my skin tone at all. If you're a nude hoarder, or a Kardashian, you should check it out. But if you like more natural colours, skip it.

The Lip Butter I gave to my friend is Lollipop, and it's a bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones. It's a tad on the more sheer side, and looks great with a neutral eye.

Overall, if you're a make-up lover, I think you should have one of these to throw in your bag on days that you want to add a little colour to your lips. At $9-$11 they are a bit pricey for one lipstick, but if you find a colour you adore, it's money well spent.

- Tess 

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  1. I have both peach parfait and berry smoothie. I adore them!