Saturday, 28 January 2012

Product Review/Comparison: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes + Dream Mousse Blushes

Drugstore brands have really pulled up their socks for the new year by releasing a bunch of products that have blown me away. Though Maybelline's decision to replace their Dream Mousse Blushes with their newly released Dream Bouncy Blushes has left me with mixed feelings. Today I'll be reviewing the new formula and comparing it to the old one.

Clockwise from top: Dream Mousse Blush in Cloud Wine, Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin, Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine, and Dream Mousse Bronzer in Sun Glow

When reviews of the Dream Bouncy Blushes first surfaced, I started stalking all the drugstores in my area. I found the formula to be the most intriguing factor of this product; it has a bouncy, memory foam-like texture. 

Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine

I decided to pick up Plum Wine, one of the darker shades, because of how sheer the whole   line is. If you do want to give these a go, I would highly recommend this colour because of the rosy glow it gives your cheeks. 

You do have to apply the product with your fingers because a brush can't pick up the 'bouncy' formula. As you can see in the picture above, the colour payoff is really good, but it doesn't transfer that harshly onto your cheeks. It is very sheer, which is nice for a natural look. I feel like once you apply it to your cheeks however, most of the product is stained on your finger. But the thing that I hate the most about this blush is the fact that it doesn't actually even blend that well; once you put it in one spot it doesn't budge, making it look like you have a small bruise/discolouration on your face. 

Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine

Another annoying this about this blush is the packaging. The whole container is made out of dinky plastic, and doesn't even compare to that of the Dream Mousse Blushes. I really like their glass and plastic casing because of how durable it is; I've dropped mine numerous times and the only damage is the product shifting around. (As you can see in Sun Glow in the picture below)

Dream Mousse Blushes from Left to right: Sun Glow, Peach Satin, Cloud Wine

Packaging aside, I really like the formula of these blushes a lot better. They blend beautifully and have a sheer but noticeable pigmentation. I first picked up Peach Satin a year ago after watching Rachel use it in a tutorial. However, when I walked past the Maybelline display in Rexall a few weeks ago, these babies were labeled TWO DOLLARS. EACH. I'd had my eye on Cloud Wine for the longest time but had never picked it up, and was curious of the pigmentation of Sun Glow, one of the bronzers in the collection.

I have to say, the bronzer is extremely orange and has a lot of sparkle. As I am quite fair, I can only see myself using it in the summer when I have a tan.

From left to right: Plum Wine, Peach Satin, Cloud Wine, Sun Glow

As you can see, the Bouncy blush is very pigmented compared to the Mousse ones, but only because it stains the skin.

Overall, I think you should snatch up the Dream Mousse Blushes (save for the bronzers if you have fair skin and the inability to tan) while you still have the chance. They are much better quality, and a better bang for your buck!

Do you like the replacements?


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  1. I really enjoyed the dream mousse blushes it's a shame they discontinued it :/