Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Artist Obsession: Kathleen Edwards

I've spent all of January listening to my newest Artist Obsession!

Every Tuesday, I check iTunes to see their free song of the week; it's an easy way to discover new artists. About a month ago, Kathleen's song Sidecar was the song chosen for that particular week, and I thought nothing of it as I listened to the song preview. However, something caught my eye as I glanced at her new album's description: it was produced by Justin Vernon. The lead singer of Bon Iver. This fact intrigued me (if not gave me minor heart palpitations), and I listened to more of her songs. My new found love for her music lead me to purchase her new album, Voyageur, a week after it was released.

I honestly love all of the songs off of this album, as all of them are memorable. When I first listen to an album, I have a hard time telling the different songs apart, but this was not the case for Voyageur.

Another factor that lead me to love some of the tracks was that you could hear Justin's voice singing back-up. Of course, I had been completely oblivious to the fact that they were dating and didn't even make that connection until a few weeks ago.

My most favourite tracks off of the album are Mint, Pink Champagne, and For the Record.

The album artwork is beautiful as well!

Disclaimer: When an artist I really like releases a new album, I choose to purchase it instead of downloading it for free because I want to support them. 

Here's the music video to one of the songs off of Voyageur that I really like to run to:

Change the Sheets - Kathleen Edwards

Which artist can't you stop listening to recently?

P.S - My writing's a little off lately because I'm battling a cold; I'm sorry that a lot of my newer posts might not make much sense!


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