Thursday, 2 February 2012

Outfit of the Day: Happy Birthday

My 17th birthday was yesterday, February 1st, and here's what I purchased at Urban Outfitters and wore to my birthday dinner!

I know this picture is the worst quality possible, but it's the one of only pictures I have with my friend from yesterday. The dress is a lovely pink knit material with white and gold thread details. I picked it up in UO's clearance section for $30 while my friend Paula (in the blue dress) and I were in downtown Toronto yesterday! Her dress is from Urban Outfitters' current spring line. 

I didn't wear my Jeffrey Campbell Fruit-bowl shoes with this dress however; we were just comparing our heights while wearing them! She's a full two heads shorter than me when I wear these 5 inch platforms!

Today's song is Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder. I always listen to this song on my birthday, for obvious reasons.

Hope you've all had a wonderful start to February and have a great day!