Friday, 3 February 2012

Product Review: Benefit Crescent Row Limited Edition Perfume Giftset

One of my Christmas presents from my parents this year was the Benefit Crescent Row perfume set! It contains four of Benefit's eau de toilettes in 10mL sample sizes.

Laugh with me Lee Lee, My Place or Yours Gina, Garden of Good & Eva, Ring My Bella

I really like how Benefit named the scents; it's easy to pick one out for whichever personality you have! Each of the perfumes have a little poem that clarify the personality of the scent. The box they come in is also really nice, and is a miniature of the boxes the normal size perfumes are packaged in.

I first purchased one of these perfumes in Something About Sophia two years ago, and never re-purchased it because I was planning on trying one of the other scents. I never got around to that either because I received Daisy by Marc Jacobs as a present soon after.

Her playful wink
and mischievous smile

The flirtatious side 
of her innocent style

No thought or worry
of what's meant to be

First laughter, then love
"...along came LeeLee."

The notes of this scent are: Cassis, Melon, Citrus, Black Violet, Lily, Jasmine, Blonde Wood, Amber and Santal. It's very fresh and floral, and for some reason whenever I smell it, I start to smell a bit of beer... it might just be me!

Gina lives to seduce,
to tempt and flaunt

And knows you should always
get what you want.

So sinfully sexy
her allure is unjust,

but as they say...
"All's fair in love & lust."

This is my favourite scent out of the whole set. The notes are: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Tangerine, Peony, Wild Raspberry, White Lily, Patchouli, Tonka Bean and Vanilla Bean. I don't know what half of those are, but when you smell it you can definitely pick up the patchouli and vanilla bean. There's also some sort of baby powder musky smell that I adore!

Come away with Eva
breeze down a lush lane

She's the fresh rush of splendour
you can't quite explain. 

So vividly vibrant
with a carefree demeanour

She whirls off to a place
"Where the grasses are greener."

Its notes are: Pear, Watermelon, Ozone Accords, Muguet, Rosebud, Jasmine Petals, Green Violet Leaves, Freesia, Sandalwood, Musk and Cedar wood. This fragrance also has a very fresh and fruity scent, and reminds me of spring. It's kind of like an old granny scent, but modernized with its fruity notes.

She flutters and flounces
lace, satin and more

Her spirit so sexy
Bella's shop you'll adore.

Slip sweetly into
a lush, juicy fling

For a frill-seeking time,
"Go on and ring."

The notes for this fragrance are: Pink Rose Petals, Soft Lily, Summer Daisy, Egyptian Jasmine, Creamy Peony, White Patchouli, Vanilla Tincture and White Musk. As you can tell from the notes, it's a very floral scent. I personally think it smells a bit like hairspray, but see for yourself!

As you can see in the picture above, these samples are dabbers. And if you've read my Daisy review, you'll know how I feel about them. Is this the new way to package perfume samples? I remember getting some a while ago that had a pump!

Here's a comparison of the normal bottle to the sample sizes:

10mL bottle & 30mL bottle
Coincidently, my mom gave me this perfume set while I got her the full-sized LeeLee!

Something about Sophia, Laugh With Me LeeLee
And I just wanted to share the packaging of the full-sized bottles: look how cute they are!

Overall, I think this gift set is a great gift for that perfume-lover in your life. I think it's available at Sephora or any drugstores that sell Benefit (I know most canadian ones do). At $40, it costs as much as a full-sized Benefit perfume so you could even treat yourself if you're unsure of which scent to get.

Why do you think most samples are dabbers these days?


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