Saturday, 11 February 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Marbleized Eyeshadow

Yet another eyeshadow review! This time it's Maybelline's take on marbleized eyeshadow in Silver Starlet.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbleized Eye Shadow in Silver Starlet

I was very skeptical about this product when I first saw it on the shelves because it seemed like a cheaper alternative for the MAC mineralized eyeshadows. I was immediately drawn to this colour, Silver Starlet, because of how beautiful the right side looked. I'm a sucker for champagne colours, and this one also has gold, pink and blue-grey interlaced within it, so you'll get a different colour depending on where you dip your brush into.

I also strategically picked a shadow that had a bit more of the champagne colour in it because I knew I wouldn't use the blue one very often. So I would keep that in mind if you're planning on purchasing this product but are not fond of one of the colours.

The first two swatches on the left are the two colours swatched separately, and the last one on the right is the two colours combined. I personally don't use the blue-grey because it is fairly blue and doesn't look very flattering on my eyes.

These shadows do have a lot of fall-out because they're marbleized, and their container gets extremely dirty. There's no way to prevent this from happening, so if you can't stand messes, these shadows aren't for you!

If you want to try out their mineralized formula, pick them up!


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