Friday, 10 February 2012

Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

A review on the lip treatments that are now available as a birthday perk from Sephora!

From left to right: Plum, Passion, Original, Honey, Rosé
I was rather disappointed when Sephora switched out the Philosophy Birthday Cake shower gel for the Sugar Lip Treatment Duo as the birthday perk just before my birthday. Though I was curious about the luxurious lip balms, the shower gel seemed more appropriate for the occasion. 

The duo from Sephora comes with the original formula and the Rosé colour. I received the other three in a sample set for my birthday. 

From left to right: Passion, Plum, Original, Honey, Rosé
Though they are lip balms and are generally just a wash of colour, I wanted to give you an idea of the opacity and the range of colours. All of the lip treatments are fairly sheer accept for Honey; it's slightly more opaque than the others, and is definitely my favourite out of all five shades.

The formula of these is amazing: the balm lasts on your lips for a very long time and it moisturizes like no other. All of them all have a very strange smell... I personally think they smell like lemon meringue pie, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

The packaging of these products annoys me. I know that they're samples, but the actual lip balm is very flimsy and wobbly, and every time I try to apply them I have to be extremely careful to not break them. However, you do get a lot of product in the package. Far more than the Revlon Lip Butters have, who's extreme lack of product I just realized a few days ago.

These are very pricey: $22.50 for one full size lip treatment. I honestly would never pay that much money for a lip balm that I would lose in less than a week. If you're interested in these lip treatments, I recommend the $28 gift set because it comes with samples of Honey, Passion and Plum for just six more dollars.

You can get the Original and Rosé duo for free on your birthday ( or two weeks before and two weeks after your birthday) if you are a Beauty Insider. It's a free program that you can sign up for on Sephora's website!

But if you were to purchase these, make sure you smell them in the store because you might not like their scent.

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