Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Teeny Tiny Lush Haul!

On Thursday, I went on a field trip to downtown Toronto with my french class to see a movie. After watching the film, we were given 20 minutes of free time which my best friend and I decided to spend at Lush. Though we foolishly spent 10 of those minutes getting a drink at Starbucks, we managed to run over to Lush and pick up a few things!

To be completely honest, after sprinting like a maniac and drinking a coffee at the same time, I wasn't thinking clearly. When we arrived at the store my head was throbbing and my heart was racing but I really wanted to purchase something because I had never owned anything from Lush before. 

The lovely sales associates tried to help me by recommending a few products, but only one stood out in my mind: The Godmother.

I've been watching Rachel (87daysbefore, icallitambrosia) for quite some time, and this is one of the products that she raves about continuously. I quickly sniffed a chunk of it and understood why; it smells DELICIOUS. It's quite difficult to explain the scent... kind of fruity, and musky, and bubblegummy... just DELICIOUS.

I've cut off a chunk and have been using it religiously. It's definitely not anything special compared to any other soap (as in I haven't noticed my skin to be softer than usual after using it) but the scent lingers, which I really like. However, I don't think I would repurchase this particular soap because it is quite expensive and would rather try one of Lush's different soaps instead.

I honestly hate myself for picking up this next product. I do NOT need any more lip balms, but I saw Honey Trap while at the cash register in a bowl marked $2.45. Though when I looked at the receipt afterwords I realized it was actually six dollars! RIDICULOUS.

I will admit, I quite like the smell of this lip balm. It does smell of honey, but sometimes I catch different scents, some floral and some of... feet. Though the scent is inconsistent, I find it very moisturizing. You do have to use your fingers to apply it, and once you first open it you have to warm it up a bit. 

I personally wouldn't recommend this product because of the price, but if you catch it on sale and don't mind using your fingers to apply lip balms I would pick it up!

Overall, I think it was a good first Lush experience! Please leave your favourite products from Lush below!


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