Monday, 5 March 2012

Nail of the Day + Review: Love & Beauty Nail Polishes

Forever 21's cosmetic line is surprisingly good, and these polishes are no exception. I only have two of their glitter polishes, but a lot of other people have told me that their regular varnishes are spectacular as well!  

The only downfall to these nail polishes is the fact that they don't have names, though most of the other ones do. I'm starting to think that since I picked these up in early December, these were part of a Christmas line? I tried to find the golden polish for my friend in February and it was nowhere to be found!

I absolutely love this polish. Its base is a milky gold with fine and chunky glitter. I like to paint one coat butter LONDON's The Full Monty and then one coat of Love & Beauty's polish because the base is so opaque. If I were to paint the glitter nail polish twice, most of the shimmers would be covered, ruining the whole effect!

I never fail to get compliments on my nail while sporting this polish. My friends are always shocked when I tell them it was only three dollars!

The bottles don't have the little mixing balls in them, so I can imagine that these won't last long. I've started to notice the golden polish to be a little goopy, but for the price I paid for it I can't complain!

These next pictures are the original nails but with the sparkly polish over top. I like to pair these two together because they have the same kind of glitter.

Overall, I think that if they catch your eye, you should pick up a few polishes on your next visit to Forever 21. At $3 each you can't go wrong!

- Tess xx

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