Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Betsey Johnson Collection

Betsey Johnson was my first favourite fashion designer, mostly because her pieces are so unique and quirky; it makes them difficult to not love them. But sadly, her fashion line is no more. If you haven't heard, Betsey recently filed for bankruptcy, forcing her to run out of business. However, I do believe her jewellery and smaller accessories will remain available, so don't fret! Though because of this tragic event, I've decided to share the pieces I have obtained over the years!

The first piece I bought was this pink gingham and rose printed handbag. The oversized heart-shaped buttons on either side of it was what first caught my attention. I got it a few years ago at a store called Stoneridge (which I believe is now Little Burgundy).

I love the details and accents each piece has; they make them even more unique!

I was given this pink leopard-printed bag a few months prior to my first bag since my mother noticed how much I loved Betsey's pieces. It's significantly larger than the handbag, and I usually opt to use it for overnight trips that require packing light.

This next item was also a gift, and it was my first piece of jewellery from Betsey. It's a navy blue bow with tiny pink crystals; though some of them have fallen out, I still love it nonetheless!

And last but not least, my most recent purchase. I actually just got it in the mail yesterday. After a failed in store shopping experience, I managed to order the shirt I had intended to buy online. I had stupidly ordered it the day before all the sales started popping up, but you should check out the site here if you're interested!

I got the Poly Georgette top in Mint (which is part of Betsey's more affordable line) because I had never owned an article of clothing from her, and  this being her last clothing line gave me a little incentive to purchase it.

It's very sheer and flowy with lovely crochet appliques the continue on the back as well. I was expecting it to be a bit brighter, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a muted mint green; it feels more wearable. This top also comes in cream and coral if you prefer those!

If you're a fan of Betsey Johnson but never had the chance to purchase any of her pieces, I'd act fast because they might not be around for much longer! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you own any of her pieces or have stories to tell, please leave them in the comments below! I'd love to hear them!

- Tess

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