Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A very negative review of the Maybelline Masterprecise liquid eyeliner. 

I had never owned a liquid eyeliner before and wanted to invest in one so I could practice drawing wings on my eyes, as they are on trend now. Because of all the great drugstore products released recently, I decided to try the Maybelline Masterprecise liquid eyeliner, which had been released with their Color Tattoo Eyeshadows.

Upon first glance, the applicator looks sturdy and could be used to apply the product quickly. This is true, but since it's designed like a marker and does not have a ball inside that you can shake up, the product cannot be 'refreshed' (for lack of a better word) and the applicator dries up very quickly.

It does create precise lines, as the name suggests. But after the product dries, it hardens up and your eyelids feel very tight. Have you noticed that when you use a black or red permanent marker, it gets a strange green shine? That's what happens with this formula and I was disappointed that the finished product wasn't straight up black. 

Another thing that really pissed me off about this formula is that it isn't smudge-proof. I'm not sure if it comes in a waterproof formulation, but the picture above was taken after smudging the liner prior to it drying completely. I can't imagine what would happen if you were wearing this while caught in the rain!

 It's impossible to even correct the eyeliner once you've made a mistake because once it's on the makeup remover, it smudges all over your face! 

Please, save your money and the frustration AND DO NOT PURCHASE THIS.


  1. That sounds horrible, both the smudging and the dried up feeling. Thanks for the review, I'll make sure to stay away from this product!