Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Product Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge

A review of one of the most unique eyeshadow shades I've seen in a while!

Urban Decay single eyeshadow in Lounge

I had been eyeing this colour on Urban Decay's website for a very long time, and finally caved on Sunday while in Sephora. I personally think that Urban Decay has some of the best ideas packaging-wise; I love the token-inspired style of their single eyeshadows!

Like I said earlier, this colour is very unusual. In the pan it looks like an average reddish-brown shadow. But upon further inspection, you can see the mint green duo-chrome. 

I adore Urban Decay eyeshadows because of their opacity and high pigmentation, so when I swatched this shadow for the first time, I was not disappointed. 

Above you can see how pigmented this shadow is. Once it's on your skin, the duo-chrome becomes less apparent, transforming the shadow into a dark bronze colour. This allows you to wear this shade in the crease of your eye with more neutral looks.

If you want to make the duo-chrome more visible, you have to build up the colour (like in the picture above) or pair it with a green coloured shadow. 

Kitty paws!
Overall, I think this eyeshadow is worth the $20 if you feel like you need to treat yourself. Though it is a strange colour, it's a nice one to add to your collection!

What's the most unique eyeshadow that you own?


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