Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Favourites!

I haven't got a lot of beauty favourites for the month of April because I have spent the majority of it either sick or recovering from an illness. But nonetheless, here are a few non-beauty products that have helped me pull through!

Death Cab for Cutie concert merch:

On the 19th I was fortunate enough to get to see Death Cab live at Massey Hall. I highly recommend you see them live if you get the chance, they were fantastic! I managed to pick up an awesome t-shirt and a pack of baseball cards featuring the band members.

Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh (Original):

This next favourite also has to do with Death Cab; I had this little tube of lip balm in my coat pocket during the concert and it completely warped/melted! Luckily I was able to mould it back together. Though the colour's nothing special, this lip balm does wonders in the moisturizing department. Its consistency kind of reminds me of vaseline, and leaves your lips feeling fresh and hydrated.

Essie's Lilacism:

I absolutely love this colour for spring. While it's a pastel, it can also appear as a neutral grey. Versatile nail polish shades are a staple in my books! (You can see it on my nails here.)

Clinique High Impact Mascara (01 Black):

This was probably the first mascara I've ever owned (not this specific tube, you know what I mean!). My mom always gets the free sample bonuses from Clinique, giving me all the testers that don't interest her. Although I've technically never owned the full-size, I can't see myself actually going to a Clinique counter, coughing up 20 bucks and paying for something so ordinary. So for now I think I'll stick with the sample sizes!

This mascara has a normal bristle brush and a fairly wet formula that really takes hold of my lashes, allowing them to hold a curl all day. I really like when the formula starts to dry out because it makes a nice base coat on my lashes, and evenly spreads them out so I can use a lengthening mascara over top.


And last but not least, my favourite movie for this month. This is the first time I've seen Juno since it first came out, and let me tell you, it's still hilarious. The best part are the special features because there's a gag reel. I personally think a movie's only as good as its bloopers!

That's it for my monthly favourites! 
I hope April's treated you well, and have a lovely May!

- Tess

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