Friday, 27 July 2012

Review: Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eyeshadow Palette

You guys... I did it. I purchased the lovechild of Sephora and Pantone. This palette is a collection of eyeshadows, ranging from rich neutrals to vibrant brights, all inspired by the beauty of summer. This post is going to be a doozy, seeing as there are 35 eyeshadows in this palette, but to see my thoughts on this palette please keep reading!

This palette is arranged from light to dark, with the soft pastels up top and the darker colours in the bottom rows. Most of my favourite shades from this palette are in the top three rows as they seem to be the most pigmented but they're also the more wearable colours, at least for me in particular.

There are seven shades from the actual Pantone Summer Trend book and the other 28 were created to suit them for this palette.

I've grouped the eyeshadow swatches row-wise because it's easier to swatch light eyeshadows together and dark eyeshadows together. By the time I had finished the last few rows my arms were dark and blotchy! Unfortunately this means that some of the eyeshadows don't look particularly appealing next to each other, but what can you do.

The majority of these shadow do have a frosty finish, so I would stay clear from this palette if you prefer mattes. The two dark shades in the second last row were very disappointing to me as they weren't buttery like the rest of the shadows. Instead they pulled at my skin and were very rough to the touch. The two dark shades in the last row, however, are so dark and pigmented and buttery soft.... I'm not sure why they even bothered with the first two.

Because most of the shadows are frosty/shimmery, there is a bit of fallout. I've taken to using my synthetic eyeshadows brushes from the Body Shop with this palette because the bristles really latch on to the product. They're also flat, allowing you to pat on the eyeshadow rather than having to use a brushing motion, which would cause fallout.

The description on Sephora says that this palette is sleek and would fit perfectly in your purse. But as you can see below, it's almost as big as my laptop! I can't imagine why you would ever want to bring this along with you throughout the day. 

This palette also doesn't have any kind of snap closure or magnet so it opens whenever it wants to. Another factor that wouldn't make it travel-safe. 

Overall, I don't think this palette is for everyone. If you normally wear neutrals, I don't recommend this palette. Sure there are a few browns and taupes, but it's not worth the money if you wouldn't even touch the more vibrant colours. If you are on the lookout for eyeshadows to create the perfect peacock eye, this palette is for you!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and have a lovely day!

- Tess

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